Glasstudio Borowski, Germany was founded in 1990 under the artistic management of glass artist Stanislaw Borowski, internationally renowned for more than 30 years and whose one-of-a-kind objects and sculptures are featured in many art galleries, and are included in museums and private collections worldwide.

Since 1993 Glasstudio Borowski has been successfully managed by his sons Pawel, Stanislaw Jan and Wiktor Borowski, who have inherited their father’s incredible creativity and talent. In addition to their one-of-a-kind designs they are also creating the designs for their decorative and functional modern living accessory series.

The substance of glass is for us a matter of pure fascination, and there is no other material that allows for so many ways of manipulation and bold creativity. Our enthusiasm is reflected in our handmade, innovative, and impressive objects and sculptures.

To design and build our sculptures, to create objects or to make imagery appear within the glass itself we have also applied techniques that had almost vanished. The results are art objects that reflect images of space, freedom, individuality, and enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy our fascinating and colourful glass objects as well.